The primary purpose of your home’s siding is to protect the home, along with foundation and contents within it. Your home’s siding is one of the most important parts of your home. It also protects and preserves your home against the elements of weather, from the extreme heat of summer to the bitter cold of winter. Siding also provides the look and curb appeal of your home.

Pro Cap takes pride in the craftsmanship with every project we do. Our experience and product knowledge is able to give our clients the options that will best work for their home and budget. We only work with products that meet and exceed industry standards. Call for your quote today.


CanExel Siding

This product is a lightweight, synthetic siding, manufactured from highly compressed wood fibers. It provides an authentic wood grain look and feel. But unlike real wood; CanExel siding is able to resist cracking, splitting, splintering, buckling, and warping. The acrylic latex finish baked onto its outer layer, helping this siding withstand extremes in temperature and weather. Designed to keep insects and pests out, CanExel protects your home from potential infestation by using a series of interlocking lips.


James Hardie Siding Products

This product is a fiber cement siding that the color is baked in to making it resist fading from the elements. This siding is designed to with stand the most extreme weather conditions, as well as providing protection from animal and insect damage to the home’s exterior. This siding is also fire resistant. A wide selection of exterior siding including a variety of siding profiles and colors, specifically designed for our climate. The range of siding products is so versatile that it’s easy to find a match for your existing style or type of siding combined with your personal choice, making your siding decision an easy one.


Vinyl Siding

Made from a plastic resin that is melted and extruded into sheets. The sheets are then stamped to make them look like wood-fiber. Additives are added to improve impact resistance and resist the fading effects of UV. Due to improvements in extruding and dying technology, vinyl siding is now available in both light and dark colors that carry lifetime color warranties.

Vinyl siding is the primary cladding material on almost one third of all new homes. A benefit of vinyl siding is its’ low maintenance. This siding will never require painting and can be cleaned with a garden hose.


Allura Siding Products

Allura Siding combines the appearance and workability of wood with the durability of fibre cement technology. This premium product line offers easy installation and a long-lasting alternative to traditional exterior wall claddings or vinyl siding.

Available in both Smooth and Cedar textures, Allura’s fibre cement Lap Siding provides the desirable look of real wood – without any of the limitations. With Allura there’s no warping, fading, weather or insect damage; just gorgeous siding that’s beautifully tough.



Amour Side Metal Siding

Armour side is a revelation in steel cladding that provides a budget conscious alternative to fiberboard and vinyl with a beautiful textured paint finish. Requiring virtually no maintenance (garden hose and tap required) Armour Side provides a beautiful and durable finish that will compliment any project. Armour Side is made from 28 Gauge Galvalume Steel which means it is tough and impervious to annoying issues like rot, insects and constant maintenance. The textured finish was engineered to shed dirt and debris in order to keep your project looking brand new. Armour Side Metal Siding required no refinishing or special maintenance and will provide you security throughout it the duration of its 40 Year Warranty. Armour Side is also environmentally friendly, made in part from recycled steel, and because it is steel, Armour Side is also 100% recyclable.